SOLVED: How to Turn Off Grayscale from Samsung S23 Phone

SOLVED: How to Turn Off Grayscale from Samsung S23 Phone

Updated: May 22, 2024

I’m sure you’ve been frustrated at the fact that after putting your Samsung S23 into SLEEP MODE, you discovered that your phone has remained in grayscale (greyscale, gray color) even after turning OFF the Sleep mode setting. Here are some solutions to get out of grayscale and go back to the full color display that you once had before making the changes.

But first, what is the SLEEP mode for? You may have discovered this setting as you browsed your quick-menu and clicked on the “Modes” icon. You will be presented with a choice that says “Sleep.” What does it do? The Sleep Mode does present some benefits. It dims your bright full color display and makes everything grayscale. This is beneficial for nighttime use before bedtime, especially when you have problems sleeping at night. You can also further edit the Sleep Mode settings, such as disabling certain features on your phone that may disturb you as you sleep at night. I find it useful, as too much blue light before bedtime messes up my sleep routine.

Now that we’ve settled that, now let’s go on to some fixes you can do with the problem of the grayscale color not reverting back into full color display mode once you get out of Sleep mode:

SOLUTION 1: Restart your phone. Doing so will revert back to the original, full color display setting. It is very inconvenient to have to restart your phone after each time you finish using the Sleep Mode setting on your Samsung S23. However, that is the only real solution at the moment. This seems to be an ongoing bug with this model at this time that no latest Samsung firmware/software upgrades have fixed.

SOLUTION 2: Here is another way to troubleshoot the problem with your phone staying in gray color even after you turned off the Sleep Mode.

Go to “Settings” >> “Accessibility” >> “Vision Enhancements” >> “Color Adjustment.” Disable color adjustment by moving the toggle bar to disable Grayscale. For some users, this have fixed the issue. For others, nothing may happen and your S23 phone will still continue to display in grayscale. If that’s the case, then the below solution will be your final option.

SOLUTION 3: If you prefer, you can change your phone settings and ADD A ROUTINE to your programs to turn off the grayscale mode once you are done with it.

Go to “Settings” >> “Modes and Routines.” Click on “Routines” bar and then the “Add” button to add a new routine. On the “Create Routine” window under the “If” statement, click on the + sign that says “Add what will trigger this routine.” Choose “Start manually.” Next, on the “Then” statement, click on the + sign that says “Add what this routine will do.” Next, click on “Display” and choose “Grayscale” and when presented with options, select the “Off” setting. After that, the next section is the “When routine ends” area, and choose “set actions” and then “Grayscale” should be there with a little note that says “Action always reversed.” Finally, you will be presented with an option to add this as a quick action button on your main/home screen. Click yes, so that you can always click on this icon to go back to full-color display once you are done using the Sleep mode.

There you go, problem fixed. Did it help you??

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