How to Protect Your Personal Information and Avoid Being Scammed

How to Protect Your Personal Information and Avoid Being Scammed

Updated: June 10, 2024

Here are some preventative steps you can take to protect your personal information from being stolen or from being scammed out of thousands of dollars:

DO NOT download email attachments from unknown email senders.
DO NOT click links in texts from unknown senders.
DO NOT give sensitive personal information out over the phone. The Social Security Administration, IRS, etc. will NEVER call you to ask for personal or financial information.
DO NOT fall for a gift card scam. A legitimate business will never ask you to pay for goods or services with a gift card. If you are asked to purchase gift cards for any reason (to pay for a computer or software fix, to fix your mobile device, etc.), it’s a scam. Don’t go through with it!

DID YOU KNOW? Identity Theft and Cyber Crime is now the #1 Crime worldwide.

PROTECT YOURSELF! is a must-have in our digital world, where cybercriminals constantly find new ways to steal our personal information.

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Stay safe in this digital world!

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